Lyle Williams began his racing career in 1975, where he competed in the Pro Stock with his Plymouth Duster.

Lyle held his position in the driver’s seat of the Pro Stock Duster for nine years, until when in 1984, he decided to take a break from racing to shift his focus to other commitments.

Now after a 30-year absence from the sport, and now in a better position to manage a race team, Lyle got the itch to go racing again.

Lyle began and ended the search for his new racecar in 2011, when he purchased a 1998 Fox Body Mustang. He eased himself back into the slow gradually while competing in local bracket racing events. Lyle was able to get the car to run consistent 9-second times before growing bored with the slightly above average 1/4-mile times.

In 2011, Williams Racing made an order for a new 300-inch custom Top Alcohol Dragster chassis from Racetech Cars & Components located in Burlington, NC, USA.

Williams’ had planned for a conservative small-block Ford motor engine build, and began building while anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new chassis. Lyle ran the car with this combo for 2 years, but soon discovered that it lacked the raw horsepower he lusted for.

Lyle knew it was time to repower – and in 2013 he dropped a 568 cu-in. Ken Veney Industries Hemi V8 into the car. The addition of the bigger engine provided a whole new set of challenges for both driver and crew.

Lyle and the team ran the car for 3 years with much success – breaking many speed and time records at tracks throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Lyle isn’t finished yet – in 2016, Williams Racing acquired a top alcohol funny car chassis from Jerry Bickel Racecars. Lyle also purchased a custom 2002 Pontiac Firebird body and has since dropped the impressive 568 cu-in. Hemi motor into the funny car. Lyle paired the beast to a 2-speed Powerglide transmission and the team is now working hard to get the car running straight and consistent times.

Williams Racing hopes to continue to provide our fans with thrilling and exhilarating top alcohol funny car racing. We’d like to thank all of our fans, sponsors and anyone else involved in the success of this race team – without you, none of this would exist, so thank you!

Lyle, MaryAnn, Austin, and the rest of the Williams Racing team!